Saturday, October 26, 2013


My 'rants' are usually too small to justify a full blog post, so I switched to twitter. @roadrageranting
Longer rants may still occasionally show up here.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I was driving in SE, in the left lane, but I needed to take a right. There was a taxi in the right lane, so I sped up to get around it, but he kept speeding up to match my speed, until I came to a slower car, at which point he slowed down to the speed of the slower car. The turn was coming up soon, so I started braking, and my blinker was on. As I slowed down, so did the taxi, until finally I was right on top of the street, and we were both almost completely stopped. I had to drive around him, and then he took at right on the same street, following me. It was so confusing, I don't know what he was thinking. Finally, there was another car in front of me that stopped right after the turn, so that they could talk to someone going the other way.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Slow drivers

There are so many people who don't deserve to drive. The signs that say 'Slower Traffic Keep Right' are there for a reason. When the speed limit is 55, and you are driving 40 in the left lane, with nothing in front of you, you should get a ticket, or have your license suspended. Maybe required driving classes. I don't know. Anyway, that happened to me again today, driving on I-5 as usual. I was on my way to work, going a good 55 or 60, enjoying to some great music at a loud volume, when I have to put on my brakes to match the speed of the car in front of me. I couldn't pass on the right, because the middle lane and right lanes were were dense with traffic, except where the car in front of me could have fit nicely. In Montana and Colorado, when someone is driving faster than you, and they catch up to you, you switch into the slower lane, or sometimes pull of the side of the road to let them pass, but people here don't care, even if you pull up close behind them to let them know they are going to slow.

Washington girl

Going to throw this out there...I'm a girl, but girls suck at driving.  If you (as a female) feel insulted by this, learn to drive better.

So...driving down the highway, in the middle lane that goes into downtown instead of the outer two lanes that go onto another highway.  The middle lane is fastest, because most people are in the outer two lanes.  I'm cruising at about 60, the other lanes are maybe going 30, and a car in the right line decides to merge into my lane without signaling.  I of course had to brake suddenly, so I honked at them, because I'm assuming they didn't see me.  I even did a nice, short honk.  Just "Hey, you should pay attention, because I almost rammed you," type of honk.  Washington driver.  Sigh.  So we're taking the exit into the city, I take the right lane, the other car takes the middle lane, and I drive faster so I'm coming up on them (but in the other lane).  Car decides to merge into my lane, AGAIN, without signaling, at a slower speed than I'm going, and I have to slam on my brakes.  Again.  Car is going straight in the right lane though, and I am turning right, so I pull up next to them.  Look over.  Two girls.  From Washington.  UGH.  Good thing one of us was paying attention...


I hate people that drive cars.  Basically.  99.999999% of them, at least.  Or at least in Oregon and Washington, and since I live in Oregon...yeah.  My friend, Reese, and I created this blog to complain/write interesting stories about the terrible things that other drivers do, as an outlet for our rage.  Hopefully y'all find it interesting, too.  Welcome, and enjoy!