Monday, March 4, 2013

Washington girl

Going to throw this out there...I'm a girl, but girls suck at driving.  If you (as a female) feel insulted by this, learn to drive better.

So...driving down the highway, in the middle lane that goes into downtown instead of the outer two lanes that go onto another highway.  The middle lane is fastest, because most people are in the outer two lanes.  I'm cruising at about 60, the other lanes are maybe going 30, and a car in the right line decides to merge into my lane without signaling.  I of course had to brake suddenly, so I honked at them, because I'm assuming they didn't see me.  I even did a nice, short honk.  Just "Hey, you should pay attention, because I almost rammed you," type of honk.  Washington driver.  Sigh.  So we're taking the exit into the city, I take the right lane, the other car takes the middle lane, and I drive faster so I'm coming up on them (but in the other lane).  Car decides to merge into my lane, AGAIN, without signaling, at a slower speed than I'm going, and I have to slam on my brakes.  Again.  Car is going straight in the right lane though, and I am turning right, so I pull up next to them.  Look over.  Two girls.  From Washington.  UGH.  Good thing one of us was paying attention...

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